Theory of Fun

Game Focus: Mechanic

  • Drew a picture after some inspiration from Dicey Dungeon
  • Design Cards Like Characters from Dicey or Board Game Sanctum
  • Do That, but with ships
  • Game play reference to Deep Space D6 as well
  • Main Mechanic: Matching two disparate sets of items

Game Focus: Story

story is people revealed through choices

  • games are all about choices
  • victory points suck
  • win conditions make good stories
  • Scott Westerfeld
  • catchup mechanism could be for players who are ‘out of the game’ to make the boss more difficult. This ‘buys time’ without necessarily increasing game length

Theory of Fun Applied to Mobile Devices

Theory of Sales

  • Customers trade money for your game. Devs trade game for customers time.
  • you're competing for the total entertainment time (netflix/fortnight/youtube)
  • GIFs are Good (marketing)
    • Can I ‘get’ your game in a single GIF

Mechanics Illustrated

Mechanics Described

Mechanics to Describe

  • Twitch Plays Diamant
  • Twitch Plays Friday (group vote left right)
  • Paired TicTacToe
  • Paired Medium
  • Scalable TicTacToe
    • At certain turn rates, the board and players split in half to 2 new boards
    • Merge boards when it slows down

Mechanics to Illustrate

Interesting Board Games

Zees concept

Own Concepts

  • Legacy Tic Tac Toe
  • Legacy Rock Paper Scissors
  • Take Down America with Drugs Game
  • Boomer Doomer (retirement home manager)
  • Gravity Wells vs Parallax world?
    • pull angry birds style
    • tap flappy bird style
    • watch for sphere of influence to align orbit

Detailed List

  • venture angels
    • cool simple mechanic
    • fast filler
    • game to use
  • Sanctum
    • This is Amazing - this this this. later :)
    • This is Deep Space D6 Advanced
    • DT Review
  • Medium
    • Send commands with special enter.
    • Use it to send commands for your turn
    • OK Message to acknowledge server generated requests and end turn
    • Normal enter for chat
  • Wavelength
    • Do this but use slot style ‘ranges’ and let users rate them
    • Share results for v.2
  • Chocolate Factory
    • might work as conveyor through cards
    • crafting mechanism?
    • Fantastic Factories as well
  • Vaderan Gardens
    • draft tiles. play 3x3 tiles to gain area majority + scoring chances (king dominoesque)
    • simple mobile implementation possible but where to use this mechanic?
  • Node
    • Interesting Art
    • Tile Cards abstract area majority
  • Epigo
    • programming / area control game
  • Skyward
    • I Split You Choose
  • Blitzkrieg!
    • Tug of War
  • Arkham Noir BGG
    • might be a mechanic for boomer doomer
    • #2 Zee Review
    • interesting matching solitaire game
    • timer cards, all have links to previous card in a case line
    • set collection with 5 card preview
    • need 5 puzzle cards without duplicate top symbol
    • unique top symbols on some cards
    • too many symbols to check at the end of each action
    • cool theme, lovecraft detectives. classic art style.
    • 3 card hand management is challenging vs. time constraints (deck running out)
  • Mercator
    • Pick up and Deliver without Movement Board - Rosenberg
    • Time Tokens are a currency which is earned by actions which cost time
  • kapow dice management / customization buildable dice game
    • fantastic UI model for translating to mobile
    • fantastic data model for turn based game
  • spacecorp GMT

Reference List

Extra Lists

Interesting but Ill Suited List

  • Res Arcana
  • Rococo
    • cards sequenced (can buy more cards) for income. buy materials with $. use mats
    • cards and resources(workers) to build dresses. buy spots in rooms to place
    • dresses(shows/showroom with purchasable amenities). sell dresses.
    • money, lace, yarn silk