[sources of gold]

Concept: The Cost of extra guacamole

Money Is Not an Issue Ordering avocado without asking if it's extra, and when they say “that's an extra .50” say “i don't care”.

I did this once. I slapped down two quarters and said “money is not an issue”.

Concept: Do Less, use a lib

  • You don't have to maintain the code you don't write
  • I spend more time researching libraries and finding they don't meet my requirements than I would have just to write the damn thing.

Adam Drivers Eye Placement

First Date via Tinder. Girls dad was doing the texting because she's “not really into dating”

Laugh in the place of tragedy

Inconvenience Store

  • Aluminum foil that barely has enough to cover a baking sheet, but the last part is glued to the tube so just kidding there's not enough.

paying for a public restroom. how many sheets?

There is no light down there.

Wet Socks

If you get up later, you don't have to make breakfast and can start with dinner