Tom Vasel created a video where he outlined the things required of a good rulebook. I took notes.

List of Components

  • with illustrations
  • with labels
  • if multiple game modes, separate parts


  • a picture of the game set up
  • with labels

Overview and Objectives

  • short

Key Concepts

  • terms which need to be explained
  • at the beginning or sprinkled throughout

Round Steps

  • simple numbered steps
  • end of round


  • Illustrations of situations
  • explains whats happening
  • could be a whole tutorial game walk through

Scoring Examples

  • illustrated example end of game

Card Illustration

  • map of what information is displayed in each section of a card

End of Game

  • what if there is a tie?

Strategy Tips

  • how to play and play well for new players


  • symbology index
  • player aids

Terms and FAQs

  • specific card rules
  • detailed interactions between cards


  • detailed and complete