core deps: gulp sqlite lodash shelljs gulp-git connect helmet db structure: (:id, :path, :type, :content) content static public dev deps: mocha chai eslint livereload later deps: passport anime rollup? sass? channels/sockets cors? Proof of Concept imports from sqlite

user stories: install node; npm install; grunt server/npm start/grunt start/grunt; open browser Start a blog with YAML front matter including themes and scripts and other meta Clone From GH and get a SSG that works on GH Clone on GH and get a heroku instance with all the tricks see and edit code; forms for server controls; sqlite middleware; db backup; Backup your sqlite Elektron.appify Make a meme on your own site from your phone Learn JS in the browser via Test Driven Development (rpi/rktpi) Learn JS in the browser via Test Driven Development (heroku deploy) Learn JS in the browser via Test Driven Development (GH Clone with our build service) Learn JS in the browser via Test Driven Development (via firebase with auth) PWA Builder later: graphql apis via sqlite later: graphql with jwt

Graph Algorithms Class start node, path func, zip home accumulator

just a spec to setup a project no transpilers (except sass) functional js ES6 only pull blessed packages from npm (curated, sciency anaconda type pkg pref) maybe ban deprecated modules (bluebird / babel) build all deps for all reasonable platforms (nodejs supported) bundle in sqlite files // import ‘data:text/javascript,console.log(“hello!");'; import _ from ‘data:application/json,“world!"'; project may have a cli command

use as base for next gen js SSG built on same principles ES6 only ES6 template literals static build into sqlite connect serving from sqlite build from linked tables in src into public.sqlite3 SASS (setup for theming) live reload api server and static site build/server SSG.sqlite can be dumped to setup for netlify or github or heroku everything in index.sqlite is served from memory, others use filenames/dir structue built in programmable caching. sqlite in memory. channel based n prev messages backgroud syncable to postgres, all exposed apis are sqlite though user provided bundles using above framework our provided bundles for each project served from github/bitbucket fork to meme in 5 mins on chromebook/android app? our bundles sass_base maybe anime and D3 maybe make react work maybe graphql over sqlite maybe rollup? sockets like phoenix channels ( hierchical sql querys dev npm pkg node link: writing docs:

an actually modern version of npm but distributed just gulp tasks